19 Low-Cost Manufacturing Business Ideas that will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams


Who doesn’t want to be rich? Sure. It is logical to do a job when you are fresh out of college. However, with some experience, it is advised to start your own business. The myth says that starting a business is costly. Says who? I don’t know. I have just heard it as you did. If you have an idea of any sort, you can share with us, but if you don’t have a clue about any manufacturing business, this is the blog for you.

Well, not anymore. There are low-cost business ideas that you can use to become rich fast. These days manufacturing business can scale fast. If you want to make tons of money, you can produce something and sell it with your price tag.

The ideas that you are about to read can be started from home or by renting a small place which you can later convert into a factory. Start small and scale fast. See which of the things are working in your small business and scale those principles on a large scale.

  • Manufacturing Paper

Without a doubt, the paper market has enormous potential for growth. Papers are widely used on every scale. From industries to education to our homes. So, the chances to get rich by paper making are quite high.

There are only a handful of things that you need to consider before starting the business. You must decide which paper size do you want to create and in which volume. Next, you need equipment, some raw material, and chemicals to start your business.

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  • Manufacturing Envelopes & Folder file

The second cheapest manufacturing business is making envelopes and folder files. There are countless industries that demand envelopes and folder files. There are two ways in which you can manufacture envelopes and folder file. First, you can handmade those lovely envelopes. Second, you can use a machine to do the heavy work for you. We would suggest that go for manufacturing it on a device. You need a paper, folding hydraulic press.

  • Manufacturing Soap and detergent

The biggest market of soap and detergent are households. Since it is an FMCG product, its demand is always high. To begin the business, you need to learn the process of manufacturing soap. It just requires mixing chemicals with the correct proportion. Once you learn the science behind mixing the right ingredients, and you are all set to manufacture soap and detergent.

  • Hair Oil

You can start this business from home, and once the demand is high, you can quickly move to a factory and manufacture hair oil in large quantity. The market potential is limitless. Hair oil is a commodity that is used everywhere regardless of cast and color and social class. However, there are two things that you need to ensure. First, your oil must be non-sticky. Also, second, it’s fragrance should attract people, not drive them away.

  • Sports Goods

Sports is a universally loved commodity. Wherever you go sports items like a cricket bar, baseball bat, badminton racket and carrom board will be in high demand. What you have to do is to figure out which sports are popular in your neighborhood or if you are willing to play long-haul which games are popular in your country. Go for that sports item.

  • Manufacturing handmade Biscuit

If you don’t have any idea where to start, you can begin a handmade biscuit business. The business is lucrative and low-cost. However, the demand is high anywhere you go. If you know about biscuit making, it is a plus point, otherwise, take a course and start your business after you know how to make delicious biscuits.

  • Birthday Candles

Are you looking for a business that can give you instant returns? Start manufacturing birthday candles. A low-cost company with a minimum requirement of money, labor, and raw material. Bring all your creativity and produce fancy birthday candles. Once the word gets out in the market, you’ll get rich fast.

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  • Manufacture Ball Pen

Not kidding at all. There is a vast market out there of a ball pen. You can start small right from your home. There are various industries that demand a ball pen and cannot live without it. A low-price business that can turn your business into a corporate lovebird.

  • Jam Jelly Marmalade

The next small-invest business idea is quite fascinating. Jam, Jelly, and Marmalade are the favorite food for kids. So it is famously used in making cakes and cookies. Jam and Jelly are not just used as a common household item, and it is used in restaurants too. Looking at the popularity of the item, it is advised to start the business without any second-thoughts.

  • Manufacturing Toys

Children love toys. Right from the moment they are born till few years’ kids remain fond of toys. The demand is endless, and the possibilities are countless. Start making toys for children that will keep coming for more. The business can be started on a small scale and can grow to unlimited potential.

  • Manufacture Plastic Bottles

The food that we take and the drinks that we consume often demand something to hold them. A plastic bottle is an ideal choice which is why we see it everywhere. Now is the time to manufacture those bottles and make a fortune with it. Start your bottle manufacturing plant and scale your business in no-time.

  • Bottle Capping Manufactures

A good business which is always in demand. You can start on a small scale and grow your business across the globe. The demand is not just local. If you take a look at capping machine manufacturers Dubai, you’ll notice that everyone is earning quite good. You’ll need to invest in bottle capping machine, and you are all set to go.

  • Automobile part manufacturing

The automobile industry is growing fast everywhere. People are looking for automobile parts regularly. So, if you can get a little finance in the start, you can use your business skills to begin your own automobile parts business. It is not necessary that you manufacture all the parts. Just make the essential and in-demand parts, and you will scale your business in no-time.

  • The ever-green stationery items

Another in-demand business that never gets old. No matter which part of the world you live, pencils, eraser, ruler, the notebook will always be in-demand. It would help if you had a small investment to start this business. Do a little research on in-demand stationery items in your country and begin manufacturing those items from home.

  • Eyeglass frames

This business is accessible because it is something personal. When you give a personal touch to something that people demand, it will always turn out to be profitable. There is a large market of glass frames out there. Although there are tons of brand out there doing it, you can offer something different by adding just one USP.

  • Water filtration

Today, pure water is a precious commodity. If you can start a water filtration plant, the problem will be resolved. You will need an RO plant to start a business from home. Once you buy the equipment, everything from then onwards will be a piece of cake.

  • Custom Furniture

Furniture is an essential item of the household. It is necessary for home, school, and offices. Everyone needs furniture, and you manufacture custom furniture and earn a lot from it. Table, chairs, beds, cupboard, and even whole wardrobes. If you have little knowledge or interest in making furniture this is your chance to bring that idea into reality.

  • Making Cloth

Just like furniture, the cloth is in-demand in every household. It would help if you learned how to make cloth, and with a little equipment, you can start a business out of it. The best company is to start making school uniforms of corporate uniforms.

  • Leather Items

Look at the market, and you’ll see high-demand of leather items. The vast potential and on-demand business make it easy for you to start manufacturing leather items and start exporting items. Make sure you carry out a proper survey before starting a business.

All the ideas mentioned above need company registration and legal formalities. Before you begin anything, do all the legal work and documentation.

Starting a manufacturing business is a good idea. However, it requires an enormous amount of hard work and meticulous planning, and capital to be thriving. Make sure you cover each aspect before you even think of starting a business.

I hope these 19 ideas can help you to start a viable manufacturing business. Based upon your ideas, skills, and knowledge, and of course the capital that you have with you, any business can grow and scale fast. It would help if you worked hard to create the foundation of that business. Once, the foundation is rock-solid you can rest in peace and enjoy money and go on a vacation with your family twice a year.


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