Shrink Wrapping Machines

Whether it is a printing shop or like most of the businesses, it is about wrapping products to protect them. It would help if you packed them in a way that makes the product safe and easy to ship. This is where a shrink wrapping can help you out. You don’t always need to go for a high-quality shrink wrapping machine. If you are starting or your sales are low, you can take one of the basic types of shrink wrapping machines and then when you get wealthy, and you can go for a higher one. It is up to you to decide whether you want to slip copes in the bag, or you are willing to wrap and protect items for handling.

The best choice in every case is to shrink-wrap the product and handle the product without the fear of breaking it. Shrinkwrapping is now a part of our lives, and it is the most suitable choice when we talk about protecting the item or handling the item. The good thing is that the process is durable and long-lasting. When you use shrink wrapping to protect the item, it will be sealed and placed in good hands.

Every wrap that you give to the product, it will be done with care and consistency. For every type of wrap, there are several shrink wrapping machines. We will discuss the shrink wrapping machine type further in the blog. However, for now, why shrink wrap is necessary in the first place. Whether you see CD’s, birthday boxes or multipacks that are decorated you’ll see they all are shrink-wrapped for a reason.

What are the applications of Shrink Wrapping?

If you have a printing shop you might have been demanded to print tons of brochures, or thousands of bookmarks, or even copies of lengthy presentations. Whatever item that you need to print, you must wrap those items in a way that these items reach the customer safely. One easy way is to shrink wrap those packages.

You might ask, why shrink wrapping them is necessary? Well. Firstly, shrink wrapping will make it waterproof. From rain, from spills, and scuffs your package will remain safe. A closely wrapped bundle of high quantity corporate cards is more reliable and resistant than to leave it to be destroyed by water or dinged corners.

Especially, offices that have huge archive required to shrink wrap to protect the quality of the product. The film with a plastic always keeps the moisture out of the bag and the lost product, which makes it a perfect choice to store documents anywhere in the building without any fear.

Imagine the countless applications of shrink wrapping, but those mentioned above are those that will help you make the best decision for your company. If you are starting, you can try out our primary machines. These machines are a good investment, and once you develop trust in us you can try out bigger machines. However, to ignore these machines at all is not wise.

How does it work?

The process of Shrink wrapping doesn’t ask much. You wrap a single item or a set of things together with a shrink-wrap film. The unnecessary parts can be cut through a red hot knife applying it to the heat shrink film tight. There are tons of machines that are reliable and can give you the desired results.

You can try out shrink wrapping machines which are small and suitable for wrapping jewelry case or CDs. Also, there are tons of specialized applications of packing the case traveling by water or even boats that are used for storage. There are shrink wrapping machines for every purpose of work. Several of the machined are discussed below. You can see which one the device is best suited for your business and make the most of the machine.

Ship the products without the fear of breaking down. Shrinkwrapping is your way out. You can use shrink wrapping for small and large scale wrapping. Whichever machine you choose it will be a wise choice. Because each machine has its benefits, based upon your need, you can purchase whichever machine suites you best.

Since we are only concerned with the industry of print and the businesses that are similar to the print industry, we will be going through several options that surround the industry.

Manual Shrink Wrapping Machines

  • Traco SuperSealer Deluxe:

This is one of the purest forms of shrink-wrapping machines available in the market. Also known as I-Bar sealer you must have seen these on stores and retail shops. To put it in simple terms I-Bar has a roller which is used t o hold the roll of shrink film and the heat of the red-hot knife which will be used with the hinged arm. Also note that heat gun is often included or even if it is not, this is a necessary item in the list.

The basic process. Just slip item in shrink film. Now, press the I-Bar a little, and here you go. The heating in the wiring film will melt the wrapping and seal the product. You can repeat the same process until the whole wrap is done.

Apply the heat to tighten the shrink wrap grip. For something as small as this, this machine is the ideal choice. The whole process will just take one minute, but in the end,  you’ll get the seal and the wrap.

You can always hire some people that can do this work for you. Just give them the heat guns and allow them to go wild with the shrink wrapping process.

  • Multipurpose Shrink Wrapping Machines:

If you’re looking for something higher and stronger, you can go with the machine that joins the shrinking and stealing in one operation. These all-in-one shrink machines are designed with a special chamber that works with a hot knife and a heat gun.

The shrink machines use an L-Bar sealer, which makes it easy to seal the 2 edges simultaneously. The hot knife goes to the bottom edge which is a clamshell-type hood that is closed along with the product and seals the product from the side. This process hardly takes 10 seconds to perform.

Think about how these complete machines can save tons of time over the manual work that people used to do in previous times. From the top, you can wrap hundreds of packages within an hour.

  • Combo Shrink Wrapping Machines:

As the name goes the machine combines two variety of operations. Not like all-in-one machines where the shrink and seal machine process was done separately, here both the operations are combined, and the sealing shrinking operations are separate. However, when they combine, it gives convivence.

With a combo machine, it will be easy for you to manually seal items with the integrated L-Bar sealer. The sealed package is then passed on to the heat tunnel for shrinking. The heat tunnel has a roller conveyor that can move items in the chamber and circulate it to get heat air.

The machine is often used for high volume operations: the assembly line and other important stuff. One person seals the package & feeds it nicely in the heat tunnel. Then the other person can stand on the end to pack the product along with putting them in cartons that are ready to be shipped. Most of the time, the outfeed will drop the items into the conveyor that takes the product to the next station.

  • Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine:

The automatic machines are one step ahead of the combo machine one step ahead and make the process automatic. With an automatic shrink wrap machine, you need to place products on the conveyor and carry them when they arrive from the other side. When the products come, they will be whole wrapped & shrunk.

Yes, you must have a good investment in place to get the automatic shrink wrapping machine which can cost more than a thousand dollars. You should also understand the automated feed products out of the way. These machines act more sensible if the process flow is highly automated, and the packaging operation is fast.

You can always choose us to do the job

It doesn’t matter which of the machines that you want, what matters is that where you are buying these machines from. Whether it is a wrapping card pack for a client or high volume shrink wrapping that needs to be done. Choose the most suitable shrinking machine that can make or break your business. That’s why it is necessary not to trust anyone else with the device.

We can give you shrink wrapping machines Solutions that will last longer and provide you with everything that you need to grow and scale your business fast. Feel free to take a look at the market and come back to us again, and we are always here to serve you with the best products. Don’t worry about the quality of the machine at all. You can trust us!

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