Linear Filling

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Linear Filling

Filling machine with flowmeters
  • The system is very easy to clean, and that makes them suitable even for the most demanding manufacturing premises (pharmaceutical and food-processing industries
  • APOLLO FM MAG - the magnetic flowmeters suitable for homogenous conductive liquids without content of particles.
  • APOLLO FM MASS - the mass flowmeters suitable for non-conductive liquids, paste-like products and products containing particles.
  • APOLLO FM MECA - manufactured from plastic materials with plastic mechanical rotary flowmeters suitable for very aggressive liquids (acids, hypochlorite‚Äôs and alkaline solutions, etc.).
Filling machine with Lobe pump
  • One of the main advantages of the filling by means of the Lobe pumps is the possibility of filling the products containing particles of material (spices, fruit in pieces, vegetables, etc.).
  • The machine can be supplied with the installation and operational qualifications IQ and OQ.
Filling machine with piston

A dose is centrally continuously adjustable and according to the selected dose, the machine can be equipped with cylinders of various volumes. For filling of larger volumes, a multiple dose can be preset. The filling machine can be supplied with adjustments enabling its operation in an environment with explosion hazard (SNV).

The machine is equipped with pneumatic nozzle termination for prevention of drips and with bottom-filling system for prevention of the filled product foaming.

The above-standard equipment includes automatic volume adjustment on an LCD display by means of servomotors and the nozzle stroke control unit.

Filling machine with GEAR PUMP

Automatic filling of the paste-like products (creams, shampoos, gels, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, and other non-carbonated products for the food-processing, cosmetics and chemical industry) into various containers, especially those of smaller volumes from 50 to 1000 ml. The dosed liquid is measured by volume by means of the gear pumps

Linear Filling Machine