Shrink Packaging Solutions

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Shrink Packaging Solutions

Automatic L sealers ALT / AL

Particularly versatile machines, designed to wrap solid products or products on small trays, medium and big dimensions, using shrinkable and no shrinkable films. Equipped with a motorized belt adjustable in height, our automatic sealers are very practical and easy to use (even for operator with no technical skills), do not require a particular upkeep and offer a higher level of performance. The packaging speed is around 30 - 40 packages per minute with the possibility to add an automatic loading of the product.

DIAMOND 650 2 belts

Diamond 650 2 belts wrapper is a versatile machine designed particularly to wrap individual products with or without tray using shrinkable or non-shrinkable film. Its cantilevered frame and its great accessibility make the maintenance and cleaning operation very quick and easy

Sleeve Sealers

This machine is designed for integration in production lines. It has high-tech mechanical and electrical features that is suitable as an investment for firms requiring a productive and reliable machine. Complete automation of all functions, which is controlled by microprocessors, it offers reliability and simplicity of use. The control panel permits the use of a wide range of settings according to the product to be packed and the thickness of film to be used. The system ensures enhanced production and does not require the presence of an operator.

HSC/HSI continuous sealers

The working speed is 60-80 pieces per minute with the possibility of an automatic product loading. The machine is equipped with brushless engines that grant a higher reliability and productivity.

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