Special Application filling System

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Special filling System

Corrosive Liquid Filling Line
  • The filling lines suitable for filling of corrosive liquids - mainly acids, chlorine-based substances and alkaline solutions. These lines are used for filling of concentrated acids such as achlorhydric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, bleaching agents, toilet cleaning agents, etc.
  • Construction of the lines ensures their long-term resistance to corrosive substances. Frames of the devices are treated with chemically resistant powder coating and covered with plastic boards, which prevent penetration of corrosive liquids into the device.
Explosive Atmosphere Filling Line

    These lines are used for filling with fluids, pastes and gels with an alcohol base (anti-freeze mixtures, for example), acetone, kerosene, diluents, paints, and the like.

    All components such as motors, pumps, sensors and pneumatic elements are certified.

Semi-Automatic Filling System
  • Mobile weight filling machine-SATURN GPW
    • The mobile weight filling machine Saturn GPW is designed for filling of different containers of larger volumes (5-30 l) with liquid products.
  • Filling of barrels and IBC containers-SATURN GPW PALLET:
    • Saturn GPW PALLET is a weight filling machine designed for filling of canisters,
    • Barrels and of IBC containers standing on pallets.

Special filling System Machine