Thermoforming, skin and tray Sealing

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Thermoforming, skin and tray Sealing

Food applications

Thermoforming packing machines are tailormade and have high-tech solutions for packing of food products in modified atmosphere, under vacuum, with skin or with simple sealing. Different products can be packed such as: fresh pasta, filled fresh pasta, gnocchi, ready meals, bakery products, pizza, flat bread, bread, snacks, pieces of salami, sliced salami, olives, fruit, vegetables, cakes, sliced cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese, meat, fish, sandwiches, croissants, dairy products, dried fruits and much more.

Industrial Applications


Tailor-made and high-tech solutions for the blister packing of industrial products and consumer goods like: toothbrushes, stationary, small metal goods, sim cards, cosmetics, air fresheners, car air fresheners, spare parts of various types, electrical and electronic products and much more.

Thermoforming, skin and tray Sealing